Wasted Days

by Andrew Sblendorio

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Originally released as Steroid Punch

Recorded on a Friday, May 17th 2013, at 35 Gardner St. Fredonia, NY 14063.

All songs written by Andrew Sblendorio, arranged by Steroid Punch.

originally released September 14, 2013

Andrew Sblendorio- Guitar, Vocals
Drew Azzinaro- Guitar (except track #5)
Brian McKenna- Drums


released September 14, 2013



all rights reserved


Andrew Sblendorio Utica, New York

Can I get a witness?

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Track Name: Conflict Of Interests
telephone at six in the morning,
eyes wide, she might...
drop a little piece of her heart.
my mouth's wide, it's so right
i might as well take off my shoes...
remember driving to the countryside?
oh my. we went blind in the sunshine

you took me by the house
and I don't know
which way the windows, faces you describe
when you felt so foolish on the floor.
i think we should take off our shoes,
and toast, to the fact that we exist. at the same time.
and we can burn in the sunshine.

waking up with fire in eyes wide
she might, i try.
how did we end up with our lips tied?
so right.
and i cry how could i believe in you?
you're my inhibitions running fast away.
forgotten shoes on a sunday...
Track Name: Spot The Dent
Every story shines in light
Bittersweet tongue of the young one
I would bite

The gift of mine:
Eyes as wide as ears indifferent to the signs,
Words as clear as crystal fear
Defines the shape of all our time

The dissonance is deafening
The bottom of his broken stares
Track Name: No Name #4
May you lay in peace tonight, my child.
In your dreams, may the warmest wind blow.
Let your thoughts run skimming the clouds,
As your heart beats skies of blue.
I do...make a wish for you

As the morning window light peaks in,
May you find yourself in your own bed.
Hands between legs, knees to chin,
As the warm airs blowing on your skin...
And that is me for you.

I have a vague memory,
that we were hand in hand in winter rainbows.
Whiskey fills the spaces in our veins.
As we try walking back in time...try to find a rhyme.
Track Name: This Place Is Me
Who's using who?
Do you know me?
Do I know you?
Enchanted by, songs alike...
This is my home.

This place is me.
So few see, so few slow.
Enchanted by, mesmerized...
Breath the smoke.

Who are you?
Careful planning withstanding, you're here,
Black and blue,
Wanting me. Wanting you.

Nice, and tight, and perfect size.
We are one. Are Two. Are none.s
Track Name: Where Are You Now?
Here it is! The pool we've been looking for!
Should we jump in? Or continue searching for a better one?
There could be better ones...
Do you remember the description that I gave?
It was a dream, to get me walking with you as my company.
You fell in, floating backwards forever.
Your body turned to sand, buried me up to my head.
What do ya say? Should we go? Say??
I could waste the day away...staring at your pretty face.

What I thought this was doesn't exist at all.
We are only fake and lost fucking memories.

...You re-materialize, eyes burn so soft as you describe,
the spa, where you'd be pampered by the strongest man
with the finest wine collection.
But I say...hey...what about today?
What about that pretty face? The space I filled with your voice?
Your words...I heard every one....

Where are you now?